Fantastic Locations  (PDF + Art Pack)
Fantastic Locations  (PDF + Art Pack)
Fantastic Locations  (PDF + Art Pack)
Fantastic Locations  (PDF + Art Pack)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fantastic Locations  (PDF + Art Pack)
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Fantastic Locations (PDF + Art Pack)

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We RPG game masters have a lot of tools to help us run our roleplaying games. Our monster books and bestiaries give us piles of foes to throw at our adventurers. The various guides for game masters often give us non-player characters, treasures, and story-building tips.

One of the hardest parts of game mastering, however, is coming up with interesting adventure locations for our characters to explore. These locations need to be fantastic, detailed places that capture the minds of our players every session we run. Good locations are hard to improvise and often hard to strip out of a fully-fleshed-out adventure.

Download a free sample location you can use today!

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Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations is a book, available in a PDF and EPUB package (perfect for running on your phone or tablet) and print-on-demand, that gives you twenty system-agnostic locations to drop into your favorite fantasy roleplaying game. Each location builds on a fantastic theme, such as a mysterious ancient structure under the ice, a cursed castle of a mad king, a fallen celestial fortress, and a dwarven mine that cracked into the tomb of a dead god. Each location includes artwork by Brian Patterson of D20Monkey. Sometimes this artwork takes the form of maps. Many times it's an overlook of a specific location.

These sites and structures aren't full adventures. Instead, you and your players build your own stories in these fantastic locations, then you populate them with the monsters that fit your story.

This book is system agnostic. You can use it in just about any fantasy roleplaying game.

The Locations

Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations includes twenty locations to drop into your fantasy roleplaying game. These locations include:

The Ziggurats of the Doom Priests: An ancient set of temples where, for centuries, the doom priests sacrificed the populace to their dark gods.

The Dungeon of Fire: A chained prison in the center of a volcano where the worst powers of the multiverse are kept.

The Dam of Kings: A huge dwarven dam with uncovered chambers filled with machines of war.

Stormwatch Tower: A watchtower built around an airship embedded in the side of the mountain.

Castle of the Mad King: The twisted castle of a dark lineage of nobles who devoured their subjects both figuratively and literally.

The Dark Abbey: A ruin of eternal dark worship atop an unhallowed hillside teeming with catacombs.

The Obsidian Enclave: A centuries-old laboratory deep in the caverns below where the darkest magics are practiced.

Earthmote of the Elemental Lords: The ruins of a once-mighty floating embassy of the elemental lords.

The Primeval Rock: A strange glyphed meteorite from which ruled a terrible race of shapeshifting savages.

The Infernal Machine: A machine that crosses worlds devouring entire civilizations and leaving behind nothing but poisoned ruins.

The Structure in the Ice: A shapeless structure buried under the ice for over a million years recently uncovered by the northern barbarians above.

The Undercity: A city of sin and murder where the only laws are those imposed with a knife.

The Elven City of Moonwillow: The ruins of a once-mighty elven kingdom brought low by their own hubris.

The Lich's Sanctuary: A chrome orb formed around the sanctuary of an ancient lich once floating deep in the astral plane.

The Fallen Palace of the Celestials: A celestial castle fallen from the heavens during a great war with demonkind now resting atop an inhospitable mountainside.

Pyramid of the Night King: The uncovered tomb of the night king who used the souls of the people to fuel his own dark experiments and build his own twisted legacy.

The Red Keep: A dwarven mining city that uncovered an aeons-old tomb to a dead god whose soul yearns for escape.

The Forgotten Library: A centuries-old library atop a rocky hill filled with vast chambers and forbidden knowledge.

The Theatre of the Mind: A great theater where the illusions of storytelling bleed into reality itself.

The Blighted Evertree: The once-mighty tree of life now corrupted by the nethermancer and his call to another world.

Also available in softcover at DriveThruRPG and and as an Audible audiobook